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Integrated Eyecare of Bend, Oregon

Dr. MaryAnn Ellement

Dr. MaryAnn Ellement has been a valuable and highly respected doctor at Integrated Eyecare for five years.  All of us are saddened to share with you that Dr. Ellement and her young family are moving to the Reno area.  Her last day in our office to see patients is September 30th.

Since joining our team, Dr. Ellement and her husband Dave have been  blessed with an active 2-year-old son. While they love Bend and the professional opportunity here, they also long to move closer to family.

We value you so much as a patient of Integrated Eyecare and our commitment to you is that the doctors and staff will continue to offer you and your family the same high level of eye care experience.  Of course, your valuable and unique eye health and service records will still be kept here at IE.

Although this is bittersweet news for us, we are excited for Dr. Ellement and Dave and Liam to be close to their family.  We will all miss her enthusiastic, caring attitude.

We Say Goodbye & Thank you To DR. Ellement

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