Integrated Eyecare of Bend, Oregon

 4. Visit Our Eyewear Showroom to Explore the Possibilities:

You can have a great scarf, a stylish coat or handsome suit, but it's your eyes people connect with first. Make your first impression genuine and unforgettable.

We invite you to browse our ONLINE SHOWROOM to find high quality fashion eye wear that fits your style.  View our quarterly online IEBEND MAGAZINE to see our featured frames on local models.  If you see something you like, call our eye wear/optical team to schedule a time for you to come in and see how the frame(s) looks on you!


We want your eye wear experience at Integrated Eyecare to be something that suits your desires and delivers the highest quality vision possible. Our professional eye wear/optical staff will help you select frames that are best for you, taking into account style & functionality.  If you see something online that is not is stock, we will choose similar frames for you to try on during your visit.  Also, if you see something you'd really like to try on, no problem, we'll order it for you!

How to Get Started

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​​We  welcome your phone calls to schedule you for your eyecare needs.

About Our Patient Center

 1. Confirm your appointment:

Once your appointment date has been set, you will receive an email from our office requesting that you  Confirm Appointment Now!  - click the green button to confirm.  *Once confirmed, you will receive a text 1 hour before your appointment.

On this same email is our  Patient Form  button that allows you to provide your insurance & medical history information online - saving you the hassle of filling out paperwork in our office.

Looking for the Patient Form? Click the button below! ​

*Need an appointment?  Call our office at 541-382-5701.

Integrated Eyecare Patient Center

OFFICE   541 382-5701

We are excited about our new online Personal Health Record (PHR) system and our ability to serve your better!  With our new system, your personal health record at Integrated Eyecare is at your fingertips when at home, or away traveling.  From prescribed medications, to your next appointment, to the status of your eyewear or contacts, your secure information is available for you to access around the clock.

Tired of printed forms?  Our new system is a convenient way for you to provide us your optical health information, and keep it updated without dealing with paperwork.

 2. During Your Office Visit:

While you are in the office we will introduce you to your Personal Health Record.

Here you will use your Personal Health Record *login and gain access to all your optical health information.  With our new secure system, your information is at your fingertips 24/7 - when at home, or away traveling.

Our Personal Health Record system allows you to:

  • Access your most current glasses and/or contact lens prescriptions.
  • Check on the progress of your order for glasses and contact lenses.
  • Review the summary of your recent office visits and account.
  • Check on scheduled appointments - and shortly even schedule appointments.
  • PLUS, going forward, you’ll again be able to “just update” to keep your personal information current and accurate and not have to fill out the same information every year.

Looking for the Patient Portal?  Click the button below!

*If you need a login, please call our office at 541-382-5701.