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In this issue of IEBEND Online Eyewear Fashion Magazine we are featuring two of the sunglass technology leaders,
Maui Jim and Oakley. There are many other sunglass manufacturers, some great and some not so good. If you
are overwhelmed by all of the choices, come in and allow our optical and sunglass experts help you see and look
your best in the sun.


In the good old days of sunglasses, the choices were simple:

           Style - Aviator or Wayfarer

          Color - Gray or Brown

          Material - Glass

These original sunglasses did cut the amount of light but didn’t offer much protection from directional glare or UV rays and the optics weren’t great.  

Over the last several decades the advances in science and manufacturing have resulted in polaroid lenses - cutting down directional glare off snow and water. In addition, lens materials continue to advance and evolve that are more optically precise for both ready-to-wear and prescription.

In the last five years we have seen revolutionary leaps in sunglass lens technologies. Sport and activity specific lens coatings help enhance performance and safety. Seeing clearly with dramatically improved and enhanced color allows you to react more quickly to what you need to see -- whether you’re driving, golfing, fishing or just enjoying a day in the high desert sun.

Take a look at today’s sunglass choices:

           Style - Fashion, sporty and trendy (Aviator is still #1)
          Color - Shades, of red, orange, purple, blue/pink mirror coatings
          Material - Light weight, impressive optical clarity, Trivex quality


How to pick the best sunglasses for YOU

Integrated Eyecare continues to offer the newest technology and styles for sunglasses so come in and ask our experts what they recommend for you and your specific needs. And as we’ve said previously, “sight with sunglasses or any glasses is only as good as the skill of the person who takes care of your glasses – selection, fit and important aftermarket care”.

Oakley PRIZM Lens Technology

Last year Oakley announced, “groundbreaking sport specific, prescription-ready lens technology”. These specially engineered lens tints improve color contrasts that creates drastic improvement in your sight in most any light. Oakley PRIZM sport specific lenses and coatings offer you the ability to choose your sport and get the lens to help you see
your best. And who said you can only choose one sport? Consider Snow, Road, Trail, Baseball infield and outfield, Fishing deep sea and rivers and more. Treat your eyes to a specialized pair of sunglasses for every sport.

Maui Jim Sunglasses

Since some of the world’s best sun and beauty is in Hawaii, Maui Jim has from the beginning been the sunglass leader in glare and UV protection.  MJ PolarizedPlus2® are the most advanced premium sunglasses for cutting directional glare. “Every pair of Maui Jim’s lenses will have color-infused lens technology that wipes out 99.9% of glare, 100% harmful UV
and boosts color via specially designed lens treatments.”