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The contact lens fitting fee includes:

  • One-to-one training and basic contact lens instruction
  • Contact lens-related office visits for three months
  • Your initial pair of contact lenses
  • All lenses needed until a prescription can be written
  • Initial supply of contact lens care solutions

Contact Lenses:  An Evolution in Technology

Periodic follow-up visits help monitor possible changes to the front surface of the eye caused by contact lens wear, as well as determine whether a different prescription may enhance comfort or sight. We also conduct additional microscopic evaluations to ensure lenses move and center correctly, and the surface and edges have not changed with time and handling. Typically, we schedule these visits one week, one month and two months following the original appointment.

Below we have listed features and benefits for the most common contact lenses. When you come in for your appointment, we will consult with you to find the best option for your unique needs.

  • Made from durable material, these lenses can last for years.
  • These lenses are made from harder material, meaning more consistent and crisper sight for some types of astigmatism.

To find the right lens for you, please contact Integrated Eyecare to schedule an appointment.

Training and Education Appointment

Types of Lenses

Availability is important: How can I get my lens now?

After you complete the contact lens fitting or we have determined that you can continue wearing your current lenses, Integrated Eyecare will provide you with a contact lenses prescription. As you consider where to purchase your lens, you may wish to weigh the benefits of availability, customer service and convenience -- in addition to price. 

  • Lenses are made for daily wear with planned replacement, meaning new, healthy lenses frequently and spare lenses are always on hand.
  • The largest range of powers and features are available in this lens type, making it the best option for astigmatism correction or bifocals needs.
  • These lenses come in a large range of colors, meaning more exciting looks for your eyes.

New research has led to improvements in eye health for contact lens wearers. Science has uncovered secrets about the importance of proper tears and wetting of contacts. As a result, we can solve a greater variety of visual conditions and fit more people with contacts, many who were previously unable to tolerate fulltime wear.

Due to advances in materials, patients experience fewer eye health complications and enjoy increased safety. Most patients can adapt to comfortable soft lenses almost immediately. These products also offer part-time wear for those who enjoy -- or need -- some of the special features of glasses. Gas Permeable (GP) lenses or the newer, hard lenses offer crisper sight for certain eye conditions.

Proper Contact Lens Use

Where can I obtain my contact lenses?

Contact Lens Fitting

Overnight Soft Lenses

If you purchase your contacts through our office or our online partners, we offer additional savings on backup glasses and sunglasses. 

Successful contact lens wear primarily depends on a number of factors. Two of the most important are corneal health (the front surface of the eye) and proper tear function. Oxygen and a moist surface are required for optimal sight and comfort.

The cornea is unique. Unlike the rest of the body, which obtains oxygen through the lungs and blood vessels, the cornea must breathe directly with the atmosphere. Improper lenses or inappropriate wear may interfere with this requirement.

If lenses lose the ability to transfer oxygen - even partially -- early warning signs begin to appear:Eyes get red with contact lens wear

  • Eyes feel drier the longer lenses are worn
  • Vision blurs after wearing lenses for several hours
  • Eyes feel irritated or uncomfortable after wearing lenses all day

With advanced clinical knowledge and sophisticated technology, Integrated Eyecare can detect early signs of corneal oxygen deficiency often before patients experience symptoms. Fortunately, newer materials enhance oxygen flow, offering patients a greater variety of options. Yet education regarding proper use is just as important as appropriate fit to prevent potential problems that may lead to serious eye health issues.

Eye care technology has evolved so more people can see the benefits of great sight with contacts than ever before. Some of the benefits you can expect from today's lenses include more convenience and comfort, as well as a greater selection of colors and flexibility of wear.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a toric lens?

Integrated Eyecare can save you considerable time and effort by having your one-year supply of contacts delivered directly to your home at no extra charge. Generally, your supply will be shipped from the manufacturer within hours after your order is placed. If you purchase your contact lenses from us, we will provide you with all the lenses you need until your supply arrives.

Contact Lens Fitting Fee

I'm concerned about price. Do soft lenses cost less online or through a national store?

Patient education is the key to successful contact lens wear. Our individualized fitting program is essential for those new to this form of vision correction.

The first step in our program requires that you complete an eye health and vision assessment to determine whether you are a good lens candidate. If we determine that all visual factors point to a successful experience, then we can move forward to a Contact Lens Fitting. This involves a series of appointments to ensure you receive a prescription that works for you, and that you understand your role in maintaining eye health.

The professionals at Integrated Eyecare employ the latest research about corneal health and sophisticated technology to help determine whether contact lenses are right for you -- and which ones may work best. Whether you are wearing contacts for the first time or interested in changing to more advanced lenses, many options exist.

The best way to discover if you are a good candidate for contacts lenses is to schedule an appointment for a complete eye health and vision assessment. If the doctor determines that you may be eligible, you'll proceed with a contact lens fitting, which involves additional testing, individualized patient education and follow-up visits. After this phase is completed, you will receive a final prescription.

Customer service is crucial. What if my prescription changes, and I've still got a supply of my old lenses?

We provide individualized instruction regarding:

  • How to properly place and remove contact lenses
  • Daily lens care, emphasizing proper cleaning, disinfecting and storage
  • Eye and cornea education:

How serious corneal and eye health problems can be caused by inappropriate or abusive contact lens wear.
How to detect symptoms of contact lens or eye health problemsWe carefully place trial lenses on your eyes and the doctor eveulates the fit by using a biomicropscope (slit lamp).  This microscopic assessment determines lens fit, movement and positioning.

At the end of your training and education appointment, after demonstrating that you understand contact lens care and handling, you will be able to wear trial lenses out of the office.

Integrated Eyecare wants your business and we work to offer lenses at competitive prices. In addition, we can obtain manufacturers' rebates -- an advantage mail order companies and optical departments may not be able to provide. Finally, we offer free shipping and no membership fees. 

Does Integrate Eyecare offer additional value?

  • Lenses are worn for a single day and discarded at night, eliminating the need to clean lenses.
  • As a new, healthly lens is worn each day, these are the least likely to cause contact lens-related eye health problems.
  • These lenses are the ultimate in convenience, particularly great for travelers as there is no need to pack solution bottles.
  • Lenses are made for continuous wear up to 30 days, meaning minimal handling and cleaning.
  • Ability to wear at night means clear vision the moment you awaken.
  • These lenses have the highest level of oxygen permeability, making them the healthiest extended-wear lens.

New Advances and Products

You'll receive your contact lens prescription after the contact lens fitting is complete. Because you have received a thorough examination and appropriate follow-up visits -- and are educated about eye health and proper lens care -- you can wear your new lenses with comfort and confidence.

Components of a contact lens prescription include:

  • Manufacturer and brand
  • Base curve
  • Diameter
  • Power (the contact lens prescription often will be slightly different from your glasses prescription)
  • Expiration date

Whether you purchase lenses from us or elsewhere -- we can now keep your prescription online at a secure website for convenient access whenever you need it.

There are distinct advantages to filling your prescription at Integrated Eyecare (please refer to the following FAQ / frequently asked questions section). We would welcome the opportunity to further meet your needs.

Once you receive a prescription, Integrated Eyecare recommends regular office visits to maintain contact lens and corneal health. We utilize the newest technology and medical findings to detect early changes to your eyes related to contact lens wear. If vision or comfort problems arise, we may suggest different types of lenses or another approach. We also look forward to seeing you on an annual basis to reevaluate and renew your prescription.

In most cases when you purchase your contact lens supply from us, we provide contacts to meet your immediate needs and fill your one-year supply within three days. 

Two-Week or Monthly Soft Lenses

Useful Links

If you obtain your daily or replacement lenses from Integrated Eyecare, we can exchange unopened boxes. When your needs change, you are not stuck with an inappropriate prescription. 

Daily Wear Disposable Soft Lenses

We Find the Right Option for You

Below are links to additional information on contact lenses, vision, and eye health.

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses

Integrated Eyecare of Bend, Oregon

Patients with astigmatism, who may have been told they can't wear regular contacts, may be able to use toric lenses. Toric lenses are made from the same material as regular contact lenses, but have a couple of extra characteristics:

  • They have two powers in them.
  • They are weighted to keep the lens in a stable position, regardless of eye movement. Most toric lenses are marked so a patient can insert them in the correct position.

Convenience is a huge factor; how do you rate?

Follow-up Visits

Contact Lens Prescription