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Integrated Eyecare of Bend, Oregon

Glasses aren’t simply different combinations of plastic, screws and glass. And despite what some big box stores, online retailers and media outlets say, all frames aren’t made in the same factory or with the same materials and simply sold for less. Frames made from superior materials and designed and manufactured to higher standards hold adjustment better, look better and retain the color and shape better. And who wouldn’t want that?




Self-service gas stations might be a good idea. Self-service glasses? Not so much.

That's why our glasses are priced to include not only the highest quality design and fabrication, but personal service before, during and after your purchase.  We're here for you to ensure the best look, the best fit and the best comfort now, six months from now and well into the future.

​"If I can get the same glasses on the Internet or a big box store for less, why should I buy them from you?"




The Answer:  

When you look at quality, comfort, durability and ongoing professional service, those "same" glasses aren't the same at all.

Lindberg frames are steeped in the Danish tradition of tasteful design and carefully considered simplicity. Every frame is a statement of technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship, with superior flexibility and near weightlessness. With its unique blend of attention to detail, patented technologies and uncompromising comfort, Lindberg has won numerous international awards. Small wonder its discerning customers include David Brooks, Robert De Niro, Tyra Banks and Bill Gates.

We emphasize the country of origin of our frames, and for good reason. We search for manufacturers that utilize the best materials, consistently produce fresh and functional frames, and stand behind their products. Two countries are a world apart—and a world above—for frame manufacturing: Italy and Denmark. 

Of course, a frame made in Italy or Denmark isn’t intrinsically better. The difference is in the factories. That’s why we work with frame manufacturers that take pride in their products and produce noticeably better frames that last longer, hold their shape better and are more comfortable to wear.



A pair of glasses is a uniquely personal product that makes a statement about you. At Integrated Eyecare, personalization doesn’t stop with the glasses themselves. Our opticians work with hundreds of pairs of glasses every month, offering eyewear fashion advice, selecting frames, dispensing and fitting the glasses, and being available to provide adjustments and repairs when glasses are bumped, sat on or even run over.



Why Choose Integrated Eyecare for your Eyewear Needs?


Eye wear value isn’t just about clarity of sight or fashion appeal. 
It’s about ongoing service that keeps your glasses—and your vision—in tip-top shape.

The World of Eyewear Fashion

Differences you can see.

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From across the room, two pairs of glasses may look the same, but their durability and performance may be markedly different. The wearability of glasses depends on three critical areas: the quality of the material, the precision of craftsmanship in fabrication, and the ability of the optician to select the right glasses and keep them working well.

Better product.

With more than 130 years of excellence, the region of Belluno has the longest tradition of creating quality eyewear in Italy and is the most important eyeglass manufacturing area in the world. Here in the Dolomites, the biggest names in the field arose. Today, workers continue the legacy of their artisan ancestors to create frames with careful attention to design, craftsmanship and detail. We carry Donna Fontana, Augusto Valentini, Thema Family of Frames, Gucci and Prada all of which are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy in accordance with this proud heritage. 

HOYA Trivex Lenses

  • HOYA Certified lens materials are one of the most recognized names in precision to offer you the best in sight.

HOYA EX# Super High Night Vision

  • HOYA's best and most durable EX3 night vision coating - the same quality coating that professional photographers select

Certified Quality Eye Wear

  • Selected from top frames manufacturers for best materials, design and craftsmanship
  • No discontinued styles or knock-off brands

Best Products Carry the Best Warranty

  • Two year warrant on most frames and lenses

Total After Sale Service

  • Unlimited adjustments and emergency repairs by certified and trusted opticians

Glasses Checked and Double-checked

  • Verified by professional optical staff for highest level of precision and accuracy

Professional Trusted Advice from our Optical Staff

  • Recommending frames for fashion and function to maximize sight
  • Skills and avilability to service glasses


Country of Origin

Complete service.


Differences You Can See, Feel and Appreciate

Better products. Complete service. Differences you can see.