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Integrated Eyecare of Bend, Oregon

There are many benefits as a returning patient to our office. Below is input we received from you and our responses to your comments. We appreciate your feedback and aspire to make every visit an "out-of-sight" eyecare experience.

The health of your eyes and vision is our primary concern, but we also wish to provide you with an exceptional overall experience in our office. Every patient is given a “patient satisfaction survey,” which provides you the opportunity to help us improve. When you return this one-page survey the doctors read every comment and share them with our staff. We are always working to enhance your "out-of-sight" eyecare experience. In the past two years we made the following changes as suggested by you, our patients:

  • “Provide coffee for those that are waiting” and “Better quality coffee” – we now have a state-of-the-art DeLonghi espresso coffee machine for our patients to enjoy.

  • “Chairs with arms” – we now have Herman Miller Caper chairs with arms, which are ergonomically designed with “contoured, flexible seat and back.” They can be thoroughly cleaned.

  • “Less expensive glasses” – we have put together a special “advantage glasses program” complete with frame and lenses for one price. Although this is a select group of frames to choose from, some upgrades are allowed. You still get to enjoy our great optical staff but prices are kept down since we don’t bill insurance with this package,

  • “More Branded Fashion Frames” - okay so you can’t please all of the people. . . but we did listen and have added Prada, D&G, Versace plus we continue to be the exclusive provider of Lindberg Air Titanium frames (as seen on the face of Bill Gates, Michael Caine, Tyra Banks and Jeff Robberson).

  • “I’d like of glass of wine with the eye exam” – despite the legal concerns of not having a liquor license, we are looking for ways to make this one work!

Our history at Integrated Eyecare can be traced back to 1937 when Bend was but a "small village." Dr. Herbert Carpenter Staples established our practice in November of 1937. He eventually sold the practice to a "local boy who made good" in 1953 when Dr. Donald O. Schuman returned to Bend after graduation from Illinois College of Optometry. Dr. Schuman practiced for 29 years in Bend before he was recruited by Pacific University to teach in the College of Optometry in Forest Grove, Oregon. In 1976 Dr. Kit Carmiencke joined Dr. Schuman and the practice was transferred in 1978. In 2008 Dr. Kirsten Scott joined Integrated Eyecare.

We Listen to You

Out-of-Sight Eyecare Experience

Dr. Slinger

History of Quality Care

Our values include:

  • Being friendly, flexible and efficient when caring for you
  • Respecting you and your time
  • Always going the extra mile for you
  • Listening to you to carefully identify your visual needs and wants
  • Educating you about your unique visual situation and treatment options

Common trends can be traced from Dr. Staples through Dr. Schuman to our current doctors. First is the concern and caring for each patient and putting his or her visual needs ahead of any other concern. Second is the realization of the special visual performance demands of children in the learning years.

About Dr. Schuman

Dr. Donald O. Schuman grew up in Bend and was able to return home after completing his optometry program in Chicago at the Illinois College of Optometry. He obtained graduate study at Ohio State University in evaluation and treatment of vision problems of children. In the late 1950's Dr. Schuman moved his practice across the Newport Ave bridge to a small office on the banks of the Deschutes River.  Dr. Schuman very much enjoyed his practice and the profession of Optometry and he served as the state association president in 1976.

About the Founder, Dr. Staples

About Integrated Eyecare

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Dr. Carmiencke, Integrated Eyecare
Dr. Scott, Integrated Eyecare
Dr. Ellement, Integrated Eyecare

Dr. Staples was the son of Senator Isaac Edwin Staples who had a large jewelry store and Optometry business in Portland. Herbert attended the University of Oregon and then began medical school in Portland. The depression was hard on business and as the family jewelry business failed Herbert had to drop out of medical school. Later he resumed his education at Keuser Institute of Optometry in Portland, and Reed College in Chemistry.

After teaching at the Optometry Institute, Dr. Herbert Staples moved his family to Bend in November of 1937. Jim Staples, the son of Dr. Staples, writes, "The night we arrived in Bend the electric power was off due to a storm, no street lights, candles in the windows. We thought the town must be primitive. The next day at day break we awoke to quite a nice little town of 8,000." Dr. Staples rented an office at 934 Wall Street. He developed a large following and during the war years in the early 40's saw a number of patients from Camp Abbot. Jim also commented that his "father's optometry business was his hobby, it was his life." He was active in the Optometric association and represented optometry at scientific meetings because of his background in the Chemists society.

Even in the early years Dr. Staples believed "any muscle needed to be exercised and the eye muscles should be exercised for accurate vision". He was deeply concerned about the lazy eye.  "Discipline" was the key word in the eye exercise room. Many young people marched to his office after school for eye exercises.

Dr. Carmiencke

Our mission at Integrated Eyecare is to focus on you while delivering an "out-of-sight" eye care experience.

Dr. Scott

Our History

How Integrated Eyecare Started