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Yes, we, like most every business locally and nationally, is “short staffed”.  We have lost several long term and valuable employees to retirement, family issues and moving on.  While it has been challenging, we have added some very talented individuals in the last 6 months. That is the good news but as talented as they are individually it takes some time to instill our culture of patient focused teamwork and integrate them into our team.  We also continue to look for a few more “patient focused” teammates.

So, we’ll be pulling back to spend time in training and giving our hard working employees the most valuable gift of time during this busy season.  

Sharing where we are:

  • The last 3 months are the busiest we have in our history.  We have more doctors and our services are well positioned for "post" pandemic vision issues.  
  • More screen time with online learning for students has led to increases in near vision problems and much more nearsightedness worldwide and locally.
  • Adults now working at home with increased screen time has led to more visual discomfort and loss of near vision performance.
  • Our diabetic patients and our large Medicare population have often put off eye health exams until recently.
  • And continuing to plan for our eventual new practice location and upgrade in the Spring of 2022.

Thanks for your continued support,  We take your trust seriously and plan to continue focusing on you by “Enhancing the quality of your vision today, while protecting the health of your eyes for tomorrow”.

Lastly, if you or someone you know has great customer service and teamwork skills and may be interested in joining a great eye care team please send them our way!

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Just as we have invested in the best technologies and developed the most exacting examination processes, our treatment options are also focused on getting customers the very best; for glasses, our optical team recognizes that frames are one of the most visible fashion accessories so we take this seriously with named brands such as Gucci, Lindberg, Prada, Maui Jim and iGreen.

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