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Who We Are

Dr's Scott, Ellement and Carmiencke

What We Do

Vision Therapy can help children and
adults improve visual performance.


Eyewear Showroom

Browse fashionable, functional
and fun eyewear online and in
our local showroom.

Just as we have invested in the best technologies and developed the most exacting examination processes,
our treatment options are also focused on getting customers the very best; for glasses our optical team recognizes
that frames are one of the most visible fashion accessories so we take this seriously with named brands
such as Lindberg, Gucci, Prada, Augusto Valentini and iGreen.


With our focus on the eyes and vision of our patients, we also believe in being friendly and efficient throughout the eye care experience. Whether meeting patients needs for glasses and contact lenses, to scheduling an urgent medical eye exam for a patient with an emergency, or making the check-in process easier with online forms, the practice offers exceptional customer service.

We are using advanced systems such as large flat screen video monitors for teaching and educating our patients about their unique visual needs. Another of the legacies that has continued over the decades with Integrated Eyecare is the focus on the importance of vision care for children and the emphasis on visual training. Our pediatric optometrists have extra training and many years of experience in dealing with children’s eyes and personalities.

In recent years more information has been discovered about the effect of vision on individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) including concussions and strokes. We provide specialized neuro-optometric examinations to evaluate the specific visual changes that occur following a TBI and work closely with Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy,
Optometrists - Bend, OR

An eye care practice focused on the eyes and vision of our patients
and exceptional customer service.

We provide advanced eye care examinations and treatments.

We focus on each customer to
deliver an "out-of-sight" eye
care experience. 

To enhance the quality of our patients vision; while working to protect the health of their eyes for tomorrow.

and Neuropsychology to treat the visual deficits that resulted from a TBI.

To continually provide exceptional customer service, we measure our performance with customer satisfaction tools. If gaps are identified in a team work, we develop processes to close the gaps. Attempting to run on time is one of the organization’s strong values that the entire staff works toward as part of the eye care experience at Integrated Eyecare.

Just as there has been a continuation of our business customer service focus there is a legacy commitment to community. Serving on the boards of community groups such as Family Resource Center, helping to start groups such as our sister city committee with Belluno, Italy and leadership positions of Rotary and PEO are just a few of areas we give our time. We were honored in 2010 to be selected as the Small Business of the Year for Bend.

Our customer base is reflective of the cross section of our community. We serve many Medicare patients, young families and children. It's common to see 3 generations of the same families! - it's a treat to talk to our young patients about their grandparents!